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Vaal Marina Fire station

The Vaal Marina Fire Station

The Vaal Marina Fire Station was officially opened on 15 October 2021

The Vaal Marina fire station project  in Midvaal was initiated in 2003 and construction began in 2005 after getting approved by Council at a total cost of R16 million.

Construction was halted for three years due to challenges in receiving the water use license.

The DA-led administration persisted and pushed until it was resolved with the relevant inter-governmental structures.

Construction was reinstated and the project was finalized in 2017. The municipality began procuring specialized vehicles and world-class equipment.

Strict financial practices were followed to ensure that the project did not go over budget.

Local members with pre-requisite skills and qualifications have been employed as well as other experienced professionals from other fire stations within the municipality to assist in the initial set-up of service and operations.

A minimum of 8 staff members will be on duty at any given time.

The fire station will be crucial in offering firefighting and recuse services to prevent the loss of properties and lives due to fire outbreaks.