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Vaal Marina Christian Church

Together we can make a difference

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Jesus is our saviour

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The History of the Vaal Marina Christian Church

By Jimmy Langenegger ( Elder and Project Manager)

Our Story goes back a long way into the mid nineties, when we decided to retire to Vaal Marina. Unfortunately the nearest Christian Church was in Deneysville, and we started to fellowship there.
The Vaal Marina Civic Association, being the Local Municipality at that time, decided to build a Community Hall and Offices in the village and, having been appointed a local Councilor, I requested permission to hold Christian Meetings “free and gratis” in the new hall, every Sunday at 09.am. This was agreed to by the Board subject to two conditions:-

  1. The meetings would be Interdenominational Christian Meetings
  2. They should be non profitable in nature

This was agreed too and minuted as such.

We decided that although few in number we would invite various preachers to lead us in praise and worship. I then contacted Pastor Lawrence Wilson from our previous church in Kempton Park and asked him to mentor us in these circumstances, and Pastor Lawrence or one of his Deputies kindly came to us every Sunday and also every Wednesday evening to lead our Bible Study Group.

Lorna and Sylvia started a Sunday school class for the children of Mamello and the Church on the Rock donated tables, chairs, carpets and food when the classes moved to the Mamello School as numbers increased, they also trained 3 teachers, Phillip : Samuel : Daniel who together with Mamsie helped overcome the language barrier.
We were also able to donate an electric ready Board to the School, in loving memory of Jimmy O’ Toole who was called to the Lord before the first brick could be laid by him.

This arrangement lasted until 2004 when Pastor Lawrence started with his Mozambique Outreach Program. At which time Pastor Fred Blom had retired to Vaal Marina and we were able to spread the load through other visiting preachers whose names appear later. We were by now using some of our savings to help other churches and institutions, as well as supplying blankets and other goodies to the elderly, poor and children of Mamello.
Jimmy O’ Toole another of our Elders had also expressed his Vision for a church to be built in Vaal Marina, and during 2013 a local estate agent informed Pastor Fred of two adjacent stands becoming available at a bargain price. We had saved R200,000,00 over the 18 year period and now after discussion with our Congregation we decided to look into this property, and so together with Pastor Fred I made an offer of two hundred thousand Rand to purchase the property, which was accepted and the property was registered in the name of Vaal Marina Christian Church. With the property procured we approached a local architect Louis Du Toit ,who not only meets the local registration requirements, but has also designed and built a Church on his own farm, and after consultation with the congregation, we contracted him to draw plans for our Church.
The tedious requirements necessary to meet the Application to Build a Church were completed and a resolution appointing Pastor Blom and myself as office bearers, with power of attorney, was drawn up and signed by thirteen members of the congregation on 13th November 2013. Lorna Langenegger, who had kept the records and the Books from the beginning, was then appointed as treasurer and Sylvia, Malcolm and latterly Gill, as deputies.

We appointed a locally registered structural engineer who upon inspecting the pits we had dug, discovered that we were on clay and he drew up specifications necessary to cast a raft foundation. We had now formed a Building Committee comprising of Selwyn King, Malcolm Seach, and Ron Downs with me as Project Manager to take care of Contractors and Suppliers.
Upon completion of the roof, Selwyn and Ron took to erecting the ceiling together and Selwyn competed the concealed lighting, Selwyn then used his past building experience and vast knowledge then undertook to finish the plumbing, electrical wiring, sound and projector cabling in the roof and the remote control systems for lights, sound and projection at the remote control desk. Leonie Seach was in the main busy with various events which managed to bring in thousands of rand.
It is truly amazing the way God touched the heart’s and minds of many, many people who donated material, money and time, but the real Miracle is that although we had no more money after the purchase of the stands, today the Church stands for all to see His works

List of Preachers who helped to make the Vision become Reality

1997 to 2000 2004 to 2012

Corrie Delport Apostolic Hennie Broderick Baptist
Carlie Schiel Dutch Reform Fred Blom Methodist
Ben Loots Full Gospel Steve Barry Methodist
Lawrence Wilson Pentecostal Johan Eberson Methodist
Rod Ward Pentecostal Murray Oberholzer Baptist
Rob Meintjies Pentecostal
Dave Kugle Prison Chaplain

Ably and willingly assisted by Lay Preachers

Steve Langenegger Maranathe Community Church
Johan Thorne Pentecostal
Peter Reynolds Pentecostal
Tony Ferris Anglican
Lorna Langenegger Assembly of God
Yvonne Pieterse Baptist
Tony Lindhorst Baptist

Outreach and love offerings

Food, clothing, blankets, finances to underprivileged
Kenya Aid Tsunami
Passion for Christ
Jews for Jesus
Orphanage for ‘Aids Children”
Els Medsorg (monthly blessing)

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Together we can make a difference.

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