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Vaal Marina Projects

Fulfilling our OBJECTIVES

4.1 To promote development in the area

We as the Rate Payers 6 Associations select possible projects to be undertaken to help uplift the area and these projects are selected from a pool. The current projects are listed below.


Main road signage

We require a new look to the entrance of Vaal Marina

Take control

Wetland and Parks development

By protecting our wetland and beautifying our parks we encourage responcible and proud citizenship….


Promotion of Tourism

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taking place now

By showing great tree lined avenues, we not only enrich our towns value but we do the same to the earth. Donate today!

Vaal Dam | Vaal Marina

Internal signage

Internal signage to be brought inline with Midvaal Policies – Develope a theamed signage stratergy.

Modern Fonts

Security Development Plan

Working with our CPF sector Forums to supply monitoring equipment.

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