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Mission Statement

The Vaal Marina Ratepayers Association was formed to preserve the character and beauty of Vaal Marina Holiday Township. As a watchdog we seek close cooperation with the Midvaal Local Council to ensure that future developments are in keeping with the spirit of this statement and that municipal services are carried out in an economic, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner.

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As a body, we have an obligation to take care of our elderly. Ensuring they have been looked after. There are times when they may not be in a position to collect their medication from the pharmacy or cant do some of the chores us younger guys can do. We are there to give a helping hand!


We try to ensure our youth are protected by engaging in a good clean lifestyle. Walks and trails, bike riding, fishing, night camps etc. They are the leaders of the future and if we don’t nurture them into becoming responsible citizens then we only have ourselves to blame!


We try to cater for all religions!

Social upliftment

South Africa’s socio-economic challenges can be addressed far more quickly if poverty alleviation becomes a business development task shared between the private sector, local governments and local entrepreneurs.

Council matters

Dealing directly with the Midvaal Council. Municipalities are responsible for the following functions: Electricity delivery - Water for household use - Sewage and sanitation - Storm water systems - Refuse removal - Fire fighting services - Municipal health services - Decisions around land use - Municipal roads - Municipal public transport - - Street trading Abattoirs and fresh food markets - Parks and recreational areas - Libraries and other facilities - Local tourism


Working with the Station Commander under the umbrella of the CPF and our sector forums

Business and Tourism

Dealing with all local business matters and driving tourism spend in our village and area