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Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Vaal Marina Rate payer membership


The Committee and those attending meetings should respect the confidentiality of information received when requested and (present or not) refrain from discussing individuals in or outside the meeting. This causes embarrassment to the RPA members and/or guests and may identify individuals. This should be avoided. Conduct of and at Meetings We expect members and visitors to observe the following when taking part in our meetings:

1 Arrive on time allowing meetings to start promptly, put to silent mobile phones
2 Not to tape, video or record meetings without consent of all participants present
3 Come prepared by reading relevant papers and bring them to the meeting
4 Follow the Agenda and keep to time
5 Keep contributions brief and to the point
6 Be courteous, not use offensive, provocative, discriminatory or obscene language. We don’t expect threatening or sexist behaviour or members to disrupt meetings. Members should not bully or harass any member or Officer present (we would consider these a serious breach)
7 Committee members are there to benefit tenants and residents generally, not specific individuals, officers attend to provide information to the association about the locality and not for the benefit of individual members
8 At some meetings / events you will be representing the association. Attendance is to benefit all members and not specific individuals
9 Working constructively gives better solutions — this may mean compromise. Allow everyone the opportunity to speak and comment. Respect the views of others and remember not everyone will agree all the time. Criticism or personal comments should not be made against individual officers or association members
10 Try to avoid jargon or explain what it means
11 Co-operate with the Chair in ensuring business is dealt with
12 If appropriate, at the end of each Agenda item, the Chair will remind the meeting of the decision agreed.
13 Membership of the group does not allow more favourable treatment by officers
14 Members should not act on behalf of the RPA without prior committee agreement
15 Correspondence sent on behalf of the Group should be available to all members
Breaches of Code
  •  If a meeting becomes heated, a five-minute time out can be called at the discretion of the Chair or Vice chair.
  •  If any member or visitor fails to abide by the “Code, the Chair or Vice chair should make it clear if they breach the Code again, they may be asked to leave the meeting.
  •  If, despite further warnings, a member or visitor continues to breach the Code, the member or visitor may be suspended from the association Committee by the Chair or Vice chair.
  • If a serious breach the member can be immediately asked to leave the meeting dependent on the seriousness of the Breach the member may be barred from attending meetings and immediately suspended from the association. If the member continues to ignore the Code the Chair or Vice chair may ask the association committee to vote on whether the member should be asked to serve an agreed stated period of suspension, resign / leave the Committee. Advice and / or mediation should always be sought before taking this action.