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The Committee

Please remember that we as an organization, formed by a group of people residing in a defined area who came together to address issues within our boundaries of representation to act as one voice are all volunteers trying to help co-ordinate and protect our town by uplifting its image and beauty. We have over 2000 rate payers in Vaal Marina and we plead that all of you join us to help grow and protect our investment.

If you have council complaints please go through the standard report procedure. We have always adopted a constructive and cooperative approach in our dealings with officials and Councillors of Midvaal Municipality and the mutual relationships are therefore generally good but if you are not getting any-luck with that then please call us so that we may address these at our next meeting.

Directors: E.J Bothma, W.A Van Der Walt, W.H Birkenstock, E Gouws , E.M.M Vermeulen

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Associations & Sub Sections

B Van Rooyen

Kevin Prinsloo

Cell: 083 4008758

Not appointed yet

Ald. Peter John Teixira
Executive Meyor
016 3607418


Leone Seach

E Gouws

Nick Gouws

Brendan Bothma

W Van der Walt

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