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Vaal Marina Community Policing Forum

The VMCPF was formed as a mutually beneficial co-operation between the Vaal Marina SAPS and the greater Vaal Marina Community.

In accordance with the South African Constitution each South African Police Services (SAPS) Police Station is obliged to establish its own Community Policing Forum (CPF)(2).
The Station Commissioner is an ex-officio member of the CPF and the Executive Committee is made of community members and must include a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Secretary and minimum number of general committee members. The community members of the CPF are voluntary and they work on various projects that include the monitoring of police performance, liaising with residents and business plus arranging regular public meetings to receive feedback as well as disseminate crime trends and provide advice on security.

Police Laws and Powers are unique to South Africa

In the course of our duties as Police, we very often encounter various questions or verbal and physical challenges from people who are either ignorant of, misread the law or simply watch too much television.
To begin, and to allow yourself to be open to education, clear your mind completely of every single episode of every American TV program where Police are featured. American law, (if you are a sane, educated reasonable person) does not apply in this country. The louder an arrested person shouts at me about his lawyer that will “have me out of here in five minutes” the bigger idiot both of us know he is.
So what is it that makes me a Policeman and what gives me power to arrest or detain a person or to search a person or place with or without a warrant.
Act 108 of 1996, The Constitution of South Africa (Hereafter written “C”)
We talk about the Supremacy of the Constitution. This means that the “C” is the highest law in the land. ALL laws, bills, acts, by laws, contracts or any other legal entity in the country is subject to supported by and must conform to the “C”.
Section 205 of the “C” empowers and mandates the South African Police Service. It also outlines the objectives of the SAPS:

The lack of street numbers is a serious impediment to the response time by the police.

If you have to call any emergency service to come to your house, it’s pretty much because you have exactly that. Urgency for someone to come and help you in your time of need. Be it ambulance, police or fire department, you want them to get to you as quickly as possible. Whether it is a criminal forcing his way into your family home, or a relative having a heart attack, we all know that seconds count. You know where you live, the police don’t. If by misfortune, the day dawns that you need help to come quickly, Thanks to the neighbourhood watch they will be able to find your house, because outside the driveway, not obscured by vegetation, and not half on the neighbour’s side of the fence, is a large, bright yellow house number that can be seen, in the day or the night.

For good reading look HERE

Contact: Kevin Prinsloo

Cell: 083 4008758


Vaal Marina CPF meetings are held in the Council Chamber of the Community Center at 17h00 for 17h15 the meeting is always on the last Thursday of every month until further notice and the AGM is to be held on the Last Thursday of JUNE.

“police are the people and people are the police”
Sir Robert peel

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